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Hi Guys!

I’m Tom aka AfroMagic from Sheffield, I’ve been interested in the art of magic ever since I was 7 years old (I haven’t always had an afro). I worked my way through school entertaining my friends, even bending the teacher’s minds and I’ve had my heart set on doing it ever since! I love what magic is, I love what it’s about, how it makes people feel and at the end of the day life is all about how we feel and what we experience. What better way to have fun than to have a shared experience of the impossible! That’s why I love magic!

About: About
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As soon as I left school at 16 I started working as a magician, performing at an different events across the country which lead me out to Spain to work a season performing at The House of Illusion for 6 months working 2 shows a night, 6 nights a week! This gave me masses of experience in different areas of entertainment (Illusions/escapology/close up magic/comedy) and essential life experience in general to progress as a person and a performer.

My hunger to travel and perform coupled with the unshakeable support of my family and friends gave the pleasure of working in Spain, Mallorca, Egypt, Andorra and Australia... who knows where next!


When I came back to the UK having met some amazing, influential people and realising if I let my hair grow, I had an afro. I came up with the brand “AfroMagic” and have been performing across the UK ever since.

The type of magic I specialise in is close up magic where the magic happens right under your nose. I mingle in with the crowd and move from group to group or table to table blowing people's minds as I go!

So if you’re interested in booking a magician and you like my style, you can give me a call on my mobile anytime on 07951141824 or hit the contact page for more details. If you want to know more about how my magic can work to heighten your event depending on the occasion, please visit the Services page to find out more.

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